Top Casino Books

As the saying goes: “the more you know, the more you have the feeling that you don’t know anything”. What I want to tell you is that the best thing is to know more, and this summed up in just one word: SPECIALIZATION. We are going to see the best books for the different online casino games.

It would be difficult to find a manual that encompasses all casino games and takes into account every detail of each of the different casino games that you can find. Because even within each of the games that a casino has, we found specialized books in each of the disciplines or details that they contain.

Top casino Books – “The fabulous history of the Pelayo”

This curious book narrates in the first person the exploits of this peculiar family that managed to win more than one million euros and unseat the most important casinos around the world with a legal method as simple as the one they used: “our method was based in the study of roulette and the detection of its imperfections because it has them ” In this book, Gonzalo Pelayo mainly explains clearly what his method of studying roulettes consisted of and how he and his family managed to beat the bank. Welcome to the David vs. Goliath story!

Inside the book, you will find explanations of his method, as curious as: “we spent about 6 hours a day, 7 days a week writing down the numbers that came out on the roulette wheel of a certain casino. Thus, and after obtaining an average of 5,000 winning numbers, we were able to find out which ones were more valuable.

Top casino Books – ‘Win at roulette’

This is the manual preferred by wheel players around the world, and especially in Europe. The book has become an icon of probabilistic teaching and is not only used as a method to improve the success in the game of roulette but is also taken to any other area of study that conceives mathematics as a starting point to improve the results, so consider it when gambling in any casino game with best odds.

In this book by Mario Sebastián Teresano he talks about the optimization of results in games of chance, and of course, he focuses on the study of roulette in particular. After reading it and putting it into practice, rest assured that you will improve the results of any game that involves strategy.

In the content of the book, you will also find a series of handy tips when applying the techniques learned, including a manual on how to learn to handle the subject of bets (when to go to small bets and when to take the step of maximum bets, how to be a high roller, etc.)

Top Casino Books – ‘The theory of poker’

This famous book by David Sklansky is considered one of the best manuals in the world. Why? Perhaps because it does not lack anything. This is a very comprehensive guide for poker nuts (in the good sense of the word).

Many of you will ask, is it aimed at beginners? No, but not for experts or professionals either. The book is aimed at an audience with basic knowledge and some previous experience but that is all, but who may not be clear about the logic and principles that allow playing with ease and skill.

The theory of poker ‘will teach you to think like a true professional and will open your eyes to be aware of the most important factors to consider at all times during a poker game in the best casino UK. Because you will already know that the most important thing in poker is knowing how to make the right decision at each moment of the game. So now you know if you are looking to perfect your poker skills and learn to analyze a game step by step to make the best decision at all times, ‘The theory of poker’ will help you achieve it. 100% recommendable!